Prof.(Dr.) A. K. Singh

My heartiest welcome to all the budding Engineers, the new entrants and existing, parents and guardians and all the stakeholders at KCNIT BANDA. Wish you all the best for a memorable , momentous and enjoyable time of your stay at this institution.
The Knowledge is as powerful as the application of it and as useful as the care that goes into application. Let’s put wisdom in education by combing knowledge with application and compassion. At KCNIT, we ensure liberated, motivating, ingenious and innovative teaching learning environment to nurture the future captions of technology; the conducive learning environment where holistic development is facilitated to the full through innovative teaching and training methods is our objectives. We strongly focus on the human quality of professions along with the academic excellence and Innovation, extra-curricular and Co-curricular activities to augment the knowledge and skills; a state-of-the -art and up-to-date infrastructure facilities and first-rate learning ambiance are the hallmarks of this Institutes.
We prepare young engineers to confidently and competently face the challenges of real world by imparting quality education; inculcating values is vital to teaching learning philosophy, embedding a life-long urge for continuous self-evaluation so as to make a better person tomorrow than what one is today, both among the teachers and the students is our endeavor.

Let us all come together, build together and achieve together for our society and Nation.

Prof.(Dr.) A. K. Singh
B.Tech., M.Tech., Ph.d.